Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back That Thang Up

Here's what we're working with.
To be totally honest, upon first seeing it, I was definitely in the camp of "meh."  While well kept on the outside, it didn't  have the stately characteristics of the traditional red brick colonials I'd lusted over, or even the painted grey brick ranches with the gorgeous eggplant doors (or other funky color combo) that I'd come to love.  It is the Midwest after all, and there are a TON of ranches! But what this house lacks in the front, it makes up for in the back.  I feel like that could be a clean version of a rap song.  I digress.

Geography Side Note: we live in St. Louis.  Home of Nelly, Toasted Ravioli, The 2011 World Series Championship Cardinals, and the haven't-quite-made-it-just-yet-to-the-Stanley-cup-finals-Blues (more on that heartbreaking obsession later.)  STL is comprised of two major sections: County and City.  Now we have quite a few friends that live in the City, which is a wonderful, up and coming part of town that is growing more vibrant by the day. 

In fact, when I first moved to STL back in 2007, I lived in the City. I have nothing against the City. But the County does offer quite a few benefits.  Lower insurance rates (The Lou - the "City" part that is - is constantly in the running for Deadliest City in the US so that can rachet costs up a bit), free recycling pick up (First world problem for sure), and better public schools.

After my brief stint in "City" living, D and I moved in together in a little 2 bed, 1 bath house in a town called Brentwood, within County lines.  Brentwood was sweet, centrally located, and I got my recycling picked up for free (woot!) and the best part was that we were still on the edge of cool, the edge of the City. 

Now we've moved a little further West (the City being the far Eastern side of St Louis, and Chesterfield/the Valley/Suburbia the being the furthest West side of the County).  The new house is in an even sweeter little town called Kirkwood.  I'm kind of obsessed with Americana (hence the brick colonials) and the plethora of American flags in Kirkwood had me at hello. D boo hooed quite a bit about moving further West into the County, but as in the olden days, going West means bigger and (sometimes) better. 

End Geography Side Note.  Although it was important for this next part.

While the new house is "meh" in the front, the backyard is in line with what you'd get at the far far side of Suburbia/the Western most tip of the County.  We have a little over a half acre of paradise in the back of this "meh" exterior, which is rather unheard of in Kirkwood.  This is taken from the most far back tip of the yard and it still doesn't do it justice.

So while, right now, I'd love to dig in (or find someone to dig in for me) and create some beautiful oasis like these:

(I think I might also have a boxwood obsession after looking at these photos again.)

I'm going to have to settle for my new teak patio set and a glass of lemonade (or G&T) for now.  But let it be known, that our backyard was MADE for a pool, and it's in the plan.  I just need the pennies to catch up with my big ideas :)


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  1. right now i hate you. but i bet emma bear is so excited for her yard to lounge in. can't wait to come visit. my room should be finished first :)