Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap: Den Makeover Part 2

Chalupa Batman! This has been a crazy couple of days! (Extra points if you get that reference!)

I was MIA last week with a quick jaunt up to Chicago for work meetings, but I was also able to sneak in some quick (and much needed) home decor shopping - more on that + some initial Christmas inspiration tomorrow.

This weekend was INSANE.  Looking back I feel a little like I just participated in some sort of HGTV home makeover. Although, to be clear, the finished product while impressive - to me - was still not on par with TV makeover greatness - but it was pretty darn good!

I kicked off the weekend by cleaning the house and getting some fixings for a nice, home cooked meal for my husband. 

This was an effort to butter him up to paint....the fireplace...on a Friday night...this Friday night.

Begrudgingly he obliged and that dark fireplace went from drab to fab with a coat (err coatssss) of white latex paint - more on that later this week.

sweet D in progress - I was helping BTW.

Saturday morning we woke up at 7 to start the final crown and baseboard installation process!  D and my amazing brother in law installed base in D's office and the den while I worked on THE WORST JOB EVER - sucking up leaves.

Our big beautiful backyard is suddenly a huge pain in my side, literally.  I spent the entire weekend sucking up bags and bags and BAGS of leaves and it's still not spotless back there.  At the end of the weekend I counted 18 bags - just from the backyard, and that's full of chopped leaves!  Did I mention that Kirkwood charges $1.50 for each bag? 18 from the back + 12 from the front means I'm officially out $45 for lawn care in two weekends alone!

Rant over.

D and our brother in law D finished up the crown in the den last night and I'm happy to report that the place is looking a bit more like this....

look at that big beautiful crown!
So I'll be back with a full look at this before and after + detailed instructions on painting of fireplaces. But I couldn't help by take this crappy iphone pic and send to some of my nearest and dearest in a deliriously proud and incredibly exhausted moment yesterday.  Not sold on keeping the mantle natural but too exhausted and not committed enough (to any color) to paint it quite yet.
I cannot tell you how much BRIGHTER this room is now - it's actually pleasant to be in!
Other item's crossed off my "do before our Christmas party" list?
o   Remove paint from den window done!
o   Remove paint from guest window pushing till after the party...
o   Fix paint touch ups in bedroom done!
o   Call someone to fix ice maker
o   Paint den doors (4)
o   Sand and stain/paint stairs
o   Caulking all base now there's more of it...
o   Caulking all crown now there's more of it...
o   Paint den  done!
o   Install black splash in kitchen
o   Move den bath mirror up
o   Install sliding door screen
o   Paint shutter in front
o   Remove things on windows in front
o   Sand driveway
o   winterize backyard done!
o   Hem dining room curtains
o   Finish cafĂ© curtains for kitchen
o   Paint office chair (black ) needs final spray
o   Paint office desk (white)
o   Gold mirror installation in dining room done!
o   Buy fabric for dining room, bedroom and kitchen cornice
o   Order bedroom curtains to match bedroom cornice
o   Sand and paint dresser for bedroom
o   Buy bench for front hall
Oh yea, and decorate for Christmas, clean the house, walk the dog, order food for the party...and on...and on...  tis' the season!
Are you ready for this week's festivities and all that follow?


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  1. Oh, Lovey, you make me tired!!! Wish I had your energy! The fireplace looks SO, SO, SO FAB!!!! I've wanted to do this forever in our living've just given me the motivation to DO IT!!!

    I love that you're so 'into' making your house a home, your home, but...don't forget to enjoy it during the process. Wearing yourself out shouldn't be the memory.....

    Can't wait to hug you this week!!!!