Monday, April 1, 2013

Around these parts...

Yikes.  Yet another break turned blogging sabatical.  I'm still "fairly" new to this whole blogging nonsense and yet I don't know how people do it on the reg.  There is a fair amount of pressure to be consistent and interesting - but I think it might be brought on by my own delusions?  Regardless, I'm going to try to my more consistent - can't promise interesting - to continue on in the spirit with which this started - to document the home we've started to make in our new-to-us house.

So, for those of you outside of STL, last week I was working from home (God bless my employer) because of some of this nonsense.

note: we got 12 inches, but after several glasses of wine and a few more inches i had no desire to document the event any further.
And while this really was quite beautiful....
mother nature literally laughed at me when it was 50+ degrees the weekend before, when i purchased that wind chime. bah.
It basically quelled any hints of Spring and left D and I housebound for a few days.  There was a lot of this:
a little of this:
getting ready for its debut in the master.  more to come.
and LOTS of snow time with this sweet face. She is literally a different animal when it snows.
In other news, we had some friends over for a Bingo + Wine Night + Make Your Own Pizza Night a few weeks ago.  It was a blast.  I bought this on Christmas clearance a few years ago and have gotten GREAT use out of it.  Also a fun way to clear out your "gift closet" of randoms.
wine rate cards and place settings
 a hint of spring with moss and hydrangeas
It was nice to get everyone together and start enjoying our house in the way we hoped we would.  Our Holiday party (one day I'll share, I promise...) was a definite kick off but we have big hopes of having more regular gatherings with close friends and family frequently.
I'll be back later this week - planning on writing the post now so no cop outs - on an update to our window treatments.  Riveting I know, but maybe fun for others to see why we went with what we did and how we managed to get them made!
What have ya'll been up to in these final days of winter?

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