Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Decs: Living Room!

Now onto the living room.  This room got some major updates with a brand new tree -  hello skinny tall beauty - and a super fun and super easy DIY.

I actually do have pics from my super simply JOY project.  Picked a  couple pressed corrugate letters up from Hobby Lobby along with some gold spray paint and some gold glitter spray paint.

We also have this new beauty in the corner.
i love her.
As a bonus, and not styled at ALL, we also hooked up this little dec for the dining room chandelier.  I'm super pleased with how it turned out.  Stole this idea from from Miss. Kristin
Who would have thought zip ties could be such a staple?!
And if you haven't noticed a theme yet.  I'm totally digging black and white accents to tie this Christmas together.  Sure there's pops of red and green all around, and of course gold (duh!) but for the most part I've tried to tie everything together with some simple black and white ribbons.
Last set of decs plans tomorrow as we plunge into the final prep for Saturday's party!  Can't wait to share!

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